Small Groups

 Small groups, big sounds...

Composed and Arranged by Ian Charleton:

The New Iris (2H)

Don't Get Dark (3H)

Left Behind (10 Brass)

Arranged by Ian Charleton:

Service Song Medley (8H)


Sometimes, using a full big band is not the answer.  Either because of money, personnel, or the size of venue, sometimes a smaller group is the answer.  Here, we offer outstanding sounds for smaller bands.  Just think, no more trying playing big band arrangements with a leaner group and it sounding thin.  Imagine, something other than real book tunes for your next festival performance.  It's all here at

Our arrangements are written for two (2H), three (3H), four (4H) or eight horns (8H) with three piece rhythm section unless otherwise indicated.  Although the two-, three-, and four-horn arrangements are written for specific instrumentation, substitute parts are provided to enable you to adapt our work to your needs.