Music Preparation

Professional Production, Preparation and Restoration Services

Professional Music Preparation Services offers a full line of professional music preparation services including Score Production, Score Preparation and Score Restoration.  

Score Production

If you, like we have, have ever been faced with conducting a work with a conductor's score and wishing you had a full one, can help.  All we need are the individual parts, and we'll handle the rest.  We'll even edit your new edition for simplicity and clarity.  We'll give you your new edition in convenient .PDF format that is ready to print and pass out to your group.

Score and Part Preparation

If you're finished with your masterpiece and want it to look slick for your group, we can do that, too.  We'll take your rough score and parts and return it to you camera-ready.

Score Restoration

Sadly, over time, many of our favorite works become worn with use and neglect.  Then when it comes time to replace them, they're out of print! can take a barely-legible work and return it to you in a new and clean edition that is faithful to the original.  Unlike it's predecessor, this edition will be in .PDF and immune to coffee spills.