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Constitution March

Concert March, Above Average Difficulty, $30.00

This march was commissioned by the US Armed Forces School of Music, Commander Ralph M. Ingraham, USN, Commanding officer to commemorate 2010's Constitution Day Celebrations.  

Originally written for the School's student ceremonial band to be performed at a Basic Music Course graduation ceremony, this edition has been re-arranged to fit traditional symphonic band instrumentation.  Also added to this edition is a sparkling piccolo solo.

This march begins in a with the traditional two repeated strains with countermelodies.  The melodies here are a combination of melodies from the composer's imagination and various patriotic melodies.  These include: "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean;" "America, The Beautiful;" and "This is My Country;"  In a departure from traditional American march form, the trio does not go to the eubdominant, but rather the lowered mediant key.  With this departure also comes a change in character to a more contemporary concert march feeling.  The breakup strain shifts to 6/8 and borros a melody from another great american patriotic song: "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"  After shifting back to duple meter, the march ends with a series of dramatic final chords under a sustained note in the piccolo and trumpet.