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Concert Band

The Sound of America...
Composed or Arranged by: Ian Charleton

Constitution March (Above Average)

Storm (Difficult)

Home on the Range (Above Average)

Blue and Grey (Above Average)

You're A Grand Old Flag (Vocal Feature) (Above Average)
Welcome to the latest addition at 2hiparrangers.  Writing new material, and rearranging classics is just another one of our talents here at 2hip.  Electronic recordings are provided for some works (soon we'll have all!).  When we conduct or arrangements, we prefer our scores to be big enough for us to see.  For that reason, in addition to the standard 8.15 X 11 scores, you can request (with proof of purchase) .PDFs of the scores in giant 11 x 17 size. 

Thanks for checking out our stuff!
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Concert Band
Concert Band
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