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2Hip Big Band

The 2Hip Big Band is a dedicated group of professionals who love to play jazz.  Periodically we record the new arrangements for this site.  Over time, the band has been graced by such notable musicians as the following:

 Reeds             TrumpetsTrombones Rhythm Engineers
 Nate Bissell

 Nate Goebel Dwight Moffitt Clint McClanahan Drew Stapp
 Chris Stelling Keith Felkner Ken Ebo Jeremy Ward Mike Buenvenida
 Trent Perrin Vince Beard Jason Booth David Ward 
 DeMarius Jackson  Brandon Barbee Lori Swanson Michael Wells 
 Greg Dudzienski Jackie Friend Leif Osberg Ray Akers 
 Steve Stelmaszek  Mark Lemstrom Rob Marquis 
 Daniel McBride   Jim Robo 
 Owen Sczerba    

Check out the demo recordings here.

Check out some recent session photos here.